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About Our Preschool

Allowing children to grow and develop in a nurturing environment is one of the primary goals of our preschool program. By creating an atmosphere where children are free to explore their interests and develop their strengths, both physically and mentally, the children will be well prepared when the time comes to go to kindergarten. Listening skills, social interaction, participating in group instruction, enhancing motor skills and balance are just a few of the areas which our staff will concentrate on developing. Children rotate through several classrooms in the mornings with their homeroom group and participate in the following learning environments: Creative Play, Art, Math, Science, Reading & Language Readiness and Gym. Afternoons are a little more self-directed. Children wake up, snack, have ample outside playtime on our gorgeous oak covered playscape and then are allowed to explore the various learning centers or projects that are set up in their homerooms by their afternoon teachers.

Our preschoolers also enjoy weekly trips to Crenshaw Athletic Club to participate in gymnastics! During the summer, gym is replaced with daily swim lessons and free swim in our beautiful pool at the North Central facility.


Curriculum Enrichment

Parents may also choose to compliment our preschool schedule by adding any of the following extracurricular activities that take place on the Elsass campus.

Fieldtrips are taken on approximately a monthly basis during the August through May school year.

Holidays.....We love to incorporate holidays from every culture at our preschool as we feel that learning about different cultures broadens our understanding and compassion for each other as individuals.


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