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Elsass Academy North Central

The Elsass philosophy has always been to teach in the whole child approach, which ensures that each child is healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged. This approach provides for long-term student success. The Whole Child approach includes body and mind! All of our classrooms have an academic element to it, as each child develops, the program grows with the child. As the children become potty trained, they begin gymnastics, yoga, and swimming.

Through the gymnastics, swimming, yoga, and movement through dance, children will learn that keeping his/her body active will help maintain a healthy mind.

We love teaching, and our classrooms introduce academics early on through circle time, math and science, books, and play. Our Pre-Kinder classroom is truly a class that will getyour little one ready for long-term academic success. It is fun, it is hands-on, and it moves quickly. When your child leaves Elsass, he/she will be prepared for the fun challenges that they will soon experience when they start their academic life.


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